Worldwide Background Checks

Setting up shop in a different country? The ins and outs of international hiring practices will keep your human resources groups busy for weeks as you prepare. Almost everything about HR is different outside the United States, including background checks. Pre-employment background screenings are fast becoming a standard hiring practice across most industries in the United States, but this is not true elsewhere. If you want to employ worldwide background checks on your international employees, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Every country is different. This might be obvious, but it’s nevertheless important. Every country has its own laws governing the collection and use of personal information for employment purposes. A reputable worldwide background check service provider is an invaluable partner is navigating these disparate laws successfully.
  2. There’s no single source for information. Don’t let anyone promise you an instant global background check; such a thing is simply not possible. There’s no single database that holds all the information you need to run a thorough screening. Every accurate international background check takes time and generally involves person-to-person contact on the ground or over the phone.
  3. You might not be able to do things the same way. If you’re accustomed to checking a candidate’s references, credit, driving history, and criminal background here in the US, be prepared for differences overseas. In many cases, it’s not legal for you to access this information or it might not be legal for you to use the information for a hiring decision. In addition, you will need to modify your consent procedures to accommodate local regulations.
  4. Criminal records are very different. While you may have a company policy regarding criminal records and employment that works in the US, you will likely need to modify your policy for foreign employees. Crimes are classified differently around the world; an offense that might be a felony here could be a misdemeanor someplace else or have a totally different classification all together. Again, an experienced international background check firm can help you decipher the information you receive from a global criminal screening and translate it into information you can use.

Safe International Hiring Practices

While global background screenings are challenging, they are still a critical component of safe hiring practices. Protecting your company’s assets and reputation requires making smart hiring decisions. Choose a background check company with proven experience operating outside of the US. These investigators will get the information you need and keep you in compliance with all applicable laws.