Why Should You Avoid Free Web Hosting?

When you think about hosting a website for your business in New Zealand and its online presence, you have a lot of things to consider. “What are the needs of your website?” and “How much can you afford to spend on this expense?” are the two biggest questions you need to answer in order to begin with the actual work.

Most of the time, business owners tend to choose free web hosting services to save on expenses. But is it really a good idea to do so? We don’t think so! There are various NZ web hosts that will offer services and resources for your website to stand and sustain at affordable rates.

Like in any other country, domain hosting in NZ is a booming industry. There is an abundance of good web hosting providers in the country. But it is important to know how to choose the right service provider, and in order to know that, you must know what to avoid; free website hosting is at the top of the list of “things you must avoid.”

Reasons To Avoid Free Web Server Hosting

● Lack of Reliability

Free hosting services tend to offer unreliable services. You will experience a high amount of downtime, leading to a diminishing performance. You will start receiving complaints about poor quality of images, slow loading on the website, lagging, irresponsive commands, etc.

● Little to No Security

You need to fathom that free web hosting services are going to provide fewer security measures and privacy tools than paid services. You will get limited or no collaboration or integration of third-party security software and tools with your server, which can increase our chances of various cyber attack threats like data breaches, data theft, DDoS attacks and malware.

● No Tech Support

When you pay a certain amount for your web hosting services, you get technical and customer support in return. If you face any technical issue with your hosting services, you can communicate those issues with your service providers. Now, this is not the case with most free hosting services. These providers usually have poor customer service. Hence, at the time of emergency or crisis, free hosting services may not act like your lifesaver.

● Insufficient Resources

Your website’s server requires specific resources in a certain amount to operate properly. When you purchase server hosting services from a free web hosting provider, you may experience an insufficient flow of resources like storage, memory, software tools, important applications, bandwidth, etc.

● Difficulty in Migration

When you face so many problems and difficulties in hosting your website, you will feel the need to migrate to another web hosting provider or server. Also, for your growing business, the existing services may be insufficient, and your free hosting provider does allow for scalability. Hence, migration remains the only option. However, migration procedures may not be too user-friendly. There may be multiple terms and conditions applied, high hidden costs involved, and time-consuming processes.

In Conclusion

You will have to cut costs at every point in time while running a business. But knowing how to do it is of great importance. Although free hosting services may seem tempting, they may not always be favorable in the long run. The challenges faced by opting for such services may negatively impact your website performance and, ultimately, your business.

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