Top 4 Tips for Creating a Winning CV

The job market is getting tenser. Recruiters have become intransigent for the last years because they have realized the importance of hiring the right profile. As a job seeker, you have to do everything possible to attract their attention and convince them that you are the right fit for them. The very first step to achieving such a goal is to build an efficient CV.

Take Care of the CV Presentation

When writing your curriculum vitae, keep in mind that the form matters as much as the content! A modern layout and an airy resume will make recruiters more eager to delve into its reading. So, it is important to take care of the overall presentation. To help you, some online tools exist and allow you to automatically layout your CV according to the chosen design. Just choose the CV maker that you prefer, select a template and add your own information.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes on your CV

Writing a good CV requires a lot of effort, and some mistakes should be avoided in order to give yourself the best possible chance of getting the job sought. As a matter of fact, the spelling of you CV content must be flawless in order to give the best image of yourself to recruiter. There are also some interesting online tools, that can help you spell check your curriculum vitae. You can also ask someone or even 2 different people to proofread your CV.

Do not Give too much Personal Information on your CV

Only mention on your resume information that is of real interest to the position sought. In other words, avoid giving out too much personal information to the reader, such as your age, marital status, religion, height, etc. The recruiter does not need to know everything about you. They might be interested by your personality, your traits, your soft skills and mad skills but you must sort out all the information and only mention those which are related to the job offer.

Add an Appropriate and Professional Photo

Although many job applicants add a passport photo on their CV, it is by no means mandatory. So, you do not have to put one on your resume if you do not have a quality and appropriate photo. If you choose to do so anyway, select a professional photo, taken in front of a neutral background. Your outfit should be like the one you would wear for a job interview.

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