How Automated Digital Marketing Reports Boost Your Marketing Agency Efficacy

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Learn how leveraging automated marketing reporting will benefit your agency and communication with your clients.

Marketing reporting is an indispensable part of your marketing business. Since clients want to know if their marketing investments bring the desired results, a report is probably the only way to measure the progress and show your true value.

However, agencies spend a lot of time collecting, entering, analyzing, and formatting data to create a customized daily, weekly, or monthly marketing report to manifest the results. Thus, they perform a large piece of tedious work instead of devoting more time to build successful campaigns.

But we are no longer in the Stone Age. Web developers created thousands of tech solutions that facilitate the life of many marketing agencies automating critical yet monotonous operations so that they could be conducted with minimal human intervention.

With that in mind, the key challenges about marketing reports have been solved with report automation. It helps to gather data, process, and present it in an appealing way much easier and quicker.

What is automated marketing reporting?

Automated marketing reporting is about simplifying the work of marketing agency employees. Thanks to it, digital marketing reports are created or updated with the use of the software, rather than the staff’s efforts.

It works like this. An app goes through APIs to automatically gather data from platforms you use for marketing campaigns (social media channels, SEO, PPC, email marketing apps) and integrate it into the application system.

Thanks to this, marketing agencies automate the significant part of the report-generating process, optimizing staff’s time and efficiency.

How will your business benefit from automated marketing reporting?

It is an undeniable fact that marketing reports prove that the client’s marketing investments pay off and meet goals. Besides, they give insights about how things are working, what strategies have been successfully fulfilled, and what needs should be improved. Accurate reports remove all the guesswork and help your team manage workflows and operations more effectively.

Automated marketing reports give even more value. Here’s how they can help your marketing business.

Save staff’s time

As you automate marketing reports, you free precious working hours for more urgent or creative tasks that require high intellectual involvement. Apps allow setting up daily, weekly, and monthly reports which are then automatically sent to your client’s email. This solution takes away all manual work so that your staff could focus on more challenging tasks.

Save money

Even though automated reporting software requires investment, you win in the long run. Let’s do the sums. It takes 5 hours to create one marketing report manually. If you have many clients, one employee won’t cover all your company’s needs. Thus, you need several workers to build reports. It means that you’ll be spending more than $10,000 per month just to create reports (while an average monthly cost for the software is about $230). So, your company saves $117,240 annually switching to automated reports.

Reduce human mistakes

Even the most attentive employee can make a mistake one day. And that error might pose your company’s reputation or even existence to serious danger. The software excludes any chances of human-related mistakes as it follows precise algorithms and formulas to collect and process data.

Create customized reports

We live in an era of customer-oriented marketing. Personalization is one of the key aspects of both B2B and B2C models. Automated marketing report software allows customizing reports for your clients, without actually creating them manually over and over again. Once you create a template with the client’s visual identity and branding, the app will be using it for all the reports you’ll be sending to your client.

Present data in a clear and consistent way

To make sure the reports your company presents are not overloaded with confusing data (like screenshots, images, tables, texts in different fonts, etc), you should use automated marketing reports to get your efforts neatly presented. When things are mixed up, it doesn’t add any value to you as a marketing agency. Also, they ascertain that data will be identically presented every time.

Your clients will definitely appreciate that.

Gather all reports in one place

The software adds and keeps data from almost any source. You should always check for the app integration since the list of platforms vary. For instance, has 30+ integrations to cover your marketing report needs. These apps collect information from all integrated platforms and provide you with numerous reports, all from one dashboard. This can be extremely useful when multiple workers need access to marketing reports.

Automated marketing reporting tools

Even though many agencies rely on Google Sheets and other ways of the report generation, the age of marketing reporting tools has come. In case you realized that the time to automate your reporting system is near the corner and you need to adapt your business to new marketing trends, here are a few things for your consideration before you make your decision:

  • Pay attention to whether the app covers KPIs and integrations you need to track.
  • Check if it is flexible in terms of scalability and your business growth.
  • Mind how many reports you need to generate and send to your clients per month.
  • Make sure it is user-friendly and easy-to-use so that all employees could leverage it.
  • Consider whether it allows for report customization (adding logos, corporate fonts or colors, etc).
  • Take notice if it enables scheduling and auto sending with the frequency you need. is a digital marketing reports tool that gives insights about all your social, SEO, PPC, email campaigns in one place. It integrates with more than 30 platforms to ensure you can get data from any resource you use for your work. Customize, schedule, and send reports to your clients in several clicks. Create templates with brand logos and identity colors, fonts to show that you appreciate cooperation with the company.

Final words

Tackle most of your issues related to marketing report generation by automating this process. As you use an automated reporting tool, you are saving time, money, energy while getting a detailed and error-free report. Thus, you have more room for in-depth analytics and strategic planning.

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