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10 Things Borrowers Must Know About Co-Lending Models Between Banks And NBFCs10 Things Borrowers Must Know About Co-Lending Models Between Banks And NBFCs

Banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) may have differences in their business models, but that has not stopped these two kinds of financial entities from coming together every once in a while to create customer-friendly solutions. In fact, in recent years, the Indian financial sector is witnessing an increasing number of partnerships where banks and NBFCs join hands to build co-lending models.

What is a Co-lending Model?

A co-lending model is an arrangement where two lenders come together to offer a loan to the borrower. This kind of model allows each lender to disburse more funds in the form of loans to borrowers. The risk is also distributed between the two lenders. Borrowers can avail different types of working capital loans, business loans, and other kinds of loans through these co-lending models. 

10 Things to Keep in Mind About Co-lending Models

Here are 10 things you need to know about co-lending models before you avail a loan.

  1. A co-lending model helps borrowers from the unserved and underserved demographics have easier access to loans and funding. This is one of the key reasons the RBI has allowed such partnerships.
  • Generally, in co-lending models, banks retain around 80% of the loans on their books, and NBFCs keep the other 20%. However, this is not a rule set in stone.
  • Before offering a joint loan via a co-lending model, banks and NBFCs need to have a contract in place, with details like the terms of the lending arrangement, the product details, the customer protection measures and more.
  • Banks and NBFCs entering into such a partnership also need to have a business continuity plan in place, so you – the borrower – are not affected even if they decide to end the collaboration.
  • Another reason co-lending models may be useful is that

Types of Bobblehead dolls in detailTypes of Bobblehead dolls in detail

  • Thanjavur dolls

If you still think that bobbleheads are only of one type, then you probably do not know about Thanjavur dolls. Traditionally, Thanjavur dolls are created by south-Indian artists. So undoubtedly, this type of bobblehead came directly from the states of India. 

In the Tamil language (the official state language of the state Tamil Nadu in India), Thanjavur is better known as “ThanjavurThalayattiBommai”, which means a doll with a shaking head. What makes them so different from other puppets is that they are 6 to 12 inches tall or up to 30 cm.

Moreover, they are made with some basic elements like clay or wood. One’s after the body is shaped properly, a layer of bright colour is applied for a typical Indian look. They are often dressed up in a traditional dress. 

  • Pre-made Bobblehead

Genuinely speaking, there are no such standards or categorizing aspects to differentiate and form a category of custom bobbleheads. Although, still there are some features used to differentiate for better understanding. 

The second types bring us to pre mad bobblehead. As the name suggests, you do not have to approach the artist. After all, there are many online as well as offline stores that stock up with tons of bobblehead. 

Pre-designed dolls are dedicated to some famous personalities of all time. One can also get a bobblehead of those who are trending and in the limelight. 

  • Materials concerning types

If you want to learn about the bobbleheads in-depth, simply categorize them according to the elements which were used to build them. Likewise, dollmakers are using tons of materials to get a unique look. 

Some artists are focusing on testing other materials as an alternative to clay and many more. Apart, Bobblehead toys depending upon their material, can be of clay, wood, …

Corona’s Effects On Online Apparel Store’s Sales:Corona’s Effects On Online Apparel Store’s Sales:

2019 was a fairly good year with e-commerce having a fairly good consistent growth all year long. However, a nice 2020 start was abruptly destroyed by a wave of Coronavirus infections that spread globally unlike anything ever seen in recent times. Corona’s airborne dispersal caused most physical clothing stores and companies to close to avoid the risk of facilitating infections. Those that did not close sought to mitigate spread by introducing social distancing and mask-wearing.

The closures however dealt a massive blow to physical stores as the masses now got the impression that shopping outside was dangerous. Most switched to online shopping for their apparel needs according to destination xl reviews. These and other workout clothes reviews have been negative since the pandemic. 

Impact On Physical Stores

In the months leading to March when most countries locked down, clothing sales were mostly flat but heading upwards. However, when the virus hit, physical stores in the USA reported a 62.4% drop in sales while those in the UK reported a 50.5% drop. These sales were so significant, stores had to retrench workers or face closure. People had no intent to shop physically as it was a risk to their health and a hassle to ensure they followed all safety rules while shopping.

Impact on Online Stores

As physical shopping became a hassle, shoppers turned to online shopping to get their needs fulfilled. This caused a massive spike in online shoppers on popular websites. Zalando, a popular Berlin-based site reported a 34% increase by June with an additional 3million new customers hitting the website. Asos, a UK based online shop saw a 10% sudden increase in its customers. Boohoo, another UK based online shop saw a 45% spike while other shops like Revolve and FarFetch also reported similar sudden spikes …

What tech devices are best to give out during Christmas?What tech devices are best to give out during Christmas?

With Christmas almost upon us, there are several devices one can give their friends or family in commemoration of the festive season. No matter the interests, there’s always something for everyone. No gamer will turn down a fully customized gaming computer, no one will berate you as you give them quality earbuds, so whether you plan to give them a big or small item or you’re looking to spend $20 or $500 on a gift is not a problem. There are lots of tech gifts you can shop and reading electronic shops review would give you an idea of what tech gifts are available in the market and how to go about shopping for them.

Tech gifts one can shop for during Christmas

Learning how to organize Christmas gifts could be helpful as you can learn which gifts to purchase this season.

Beer Dispenser

With this device, you don’t have to worry about drinking another boring bottle of beer again. The beer dispenser has a portable tap, where you can comfortably serve yourself. It’s cordless, which implies it is easy to move around, so all one needs is some AA batteries to get to drinking.

Heating Mug 

This high-tech mug is suitable for coffee and tea drinkers. Do you ever get worried about your tea or coffee going warm? With the heating mug, you may not have to worry about that ever again, as you can control all the settings of the heating mug via your smartphone (mobile app). It has a built-in battery, there are claims that the gadgets can maintain the drink temperature for up to 1.5 hours.

HP Select Portable Photo Printer

If you’re an Instagram aficionado, then you would consider this device. This device is capable of printing 2.3-by-3.4-inch photos on water and tear-resistant papers. Using …

Loan Talk: Understanding The Unseen Factors That Determine Personal Loan Interest RatesLoan Talk: Understanding The Unseen Factors That Determine Personal Loan Interest Rates

Even saving a tiny percentage on loan interest rates can help you save thousands of rupees over the loan’s tenure. So, it definitely pays to be aware of the different factors that determine your loan interest rates.

Personal loans have immensely grown in popularity in the last few years. Thanks to the presence of digital lenders, it’s easier than ever before to get a personal loan. These unsecured loans do not require collateral and can be used to meet any of your emergency cash needs. Whether you’re looking to pay for a medical emergency, your child’s education or wedding, home renovation, gadget shopping, or a vacation – personal loans are the hassle-free choice.

Even if this is your first time taking a personal loan, you probably know that the lower the interest rate, the better it is for your pocket. The interest rate offered on personal loans plays a crucial role in determining your overall loan burden.

Do you know that the interest rate offered by banks and other lenders vary from one borrower to another? Consider this scenario – you and your friend approach a bank and apply for the same loan product. You may be offered a lower interest rate, while your friend may be charged with higher rates or vice versa.

The lender fixes your interest rate after considering several factors. Understanding the factors that determine the interest rates can help you make smarter choices while applying for a personal loan. Knowing these factors can help you negotiate with your lender, helping you land the best deal on a loan.

Here are the 5 key factors that determine your personal loan interest rates:

  1. Your Credit Score

The higher the credit score, the lower is the interest rate you’re offered.

You probably know that your credit score …

Why Should You Decorate Your Office During Christmas?Why Should You Decorate Your Office During Christmas?

The period of Christmas is a time to get together with one’s loved ones. It is the time when you get to feel a sense of festivity both outside and within your office. Therefore, it is essential that you decorate not only your house but also your office. Doing so will help you create a sense of celebration and festivity as you come up with different Christmas decoration ideas.

You can also lookup different reliable reviews about party supplies online stores. That way, you will learn more about the best party supplier to patronize. You will also get more tips on how best to decorate your house and office from these reviews.

The following are reasons why you need to add that touch of festivity to your office by decorating the space: –

1. To bring life to the office environment

One of the significant reasons you need to decorate your office during Christmas is to help bring life to the office environment. With lovely Christmas decorations, employees will have a sense of festivity around, which will make them happy and more hardworking.

2. To boost employees’ morale.

It is a widespread belief that a good company design helps to motivate workers. Hence, the right Christmas decoration in the office will also help to relieve the stress of employees. This relief will, in turn, help boost their morale and increase productivity.

3. It helps to create a sense of comfort.

By decorating the office, you will get to enjoy a sense of comfort both for yourself and your employees. The reason is that the designs and decoration will help you stay in touch with the festive period. It is psychology as the aura breathes comfort, joy, and peace that the season brings.

4. You can have a

How Online Reviews Help You to Buy Online from Reliable Jewelry StoresHow Online Reviews Help You to Buy Online from Reliable Jewelry Stores

“Is it reliable to buy jewelry online?”

This question and many more may be crossing your mind while you are thinking of taking one step further to get the jewelry of your dreams. 

While the world and the fashion industry as a whole have evolved and embraced various internet platforms for the sale of their products, there are still specific experiences or factors that leave doubts in the hearts of customers and potential customers.

However, you need not entertain that amount of fear and doubts about making online purchases. You know why? Because online reviews are at your beck and call. 

In recent years, online reviews have saved many people from buying fake products from online stores worldwide. These reviews have also gone to ensure that products and services become effortlessly done with no hitch whatsoever.

Therefore, if your priority is to get information on how to find quality jewelry, then you need to invest more time and effort into reading online reviews about how to achieve your goal of purchasing and having a collection of quality pieces of jewelry.

Why Online Reviews Are Important When You Want to Buy Jewelry Online

  1. Online Reviews help you get reliable jewelry stores

One of the importance of reading online reviews before you set out to purchase jewelry is that they help you decide on settling for an online store. Through the reviews written by previous customers, you can ascertain the level of credibility and reliability of different online jewelry stores and, in turn, help you select and patronize the one that offers you the best option.

  1. Online Reviews help to show previous customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Through online reviews written by previous customers, you can also become equipped to decipher one that shows their satisfaction level (positive reviews) and the ones …

Bee Booster ApkBee Booster Apk

Bee Booster is an advance phone boosting app, fast as a Bee. This is one of the most advanced and best applications in 2020 to optimize your android phone.

The latest version of the Bee Booster, which is 1.3.7, has been released on the 1st of July 2020 with many functions, including ads-free and an improvement of the performances. Your phone must be in Android 4.4 or a higher version to install this Bee Booster Application. The app is offered by PlayDev Studio and has been released on the 15th of June 2020.


There are many features Bee Booster offers its users with the latest update. Many features help to speed up your phone and clean your phone. Let’s get to know about the features with the arrival of its latest update.

Phone Booster: The phone Booster function helps the phone boost fast if the phone is lagging or the performance has decreased. This removes unwanted processes and frees up the RAM. This is a effective RAM boosting tool like Clean Master app.

Junk File Cleaner: Junk File Cleaner is another important function of the Bee Booster application. This is way more important to save storage on your phone. It remains many unwanted junk files and cache files because of certain apps we use. So, as a result of that, storage of the phone fills involuntarily. Bee Booster introduces this function Junk File Cleaner to clean unnecessary files and free the storage. You can use this feature on Android TV devices to get more free storage space for streaming apps. Use Filelinked to install this tool for free.

Inbuilt Battery Saver: The user does not need to use a separate battery saver to his/ her phone since the Bee Booster introduces a battery saver with its other features. With …

Start looking for a jobStart looking for a job

My name is Paul Tatrita and I have the ambition to be an expert in essay writing, editing and text editing. Of all the places under the sun, the Righteous Creator identified Marakei, a small remote atoll in the Pacific Ocean, as the island of my birth. The island is one of more than thirty islands that make up the island nation of Kiribati.
Over the past year or so, I’ve been looking for a job online on the Internet, and luckily I’ve come across a website called Entertainment, which gives researchers the opportunity to write articles. Not only was I thrilled to find the website, but I was also very grateful to the owners for not only being free, but allowing any budding author to add any number of articles to their system without any restrictions . This is the opportunity I was looking for and last night I went to bed and felt satisfied and worried about what would come in the morning. But I knew very well – that I had to write and that I had a good chance. There was a voice, yes, a very strange other voice, which forced me to write, to talk about my life and my experiences, good or bad, to those who read my articles. The inner voice was unusual in his insistence and gentle persuasion; It seemed to make me believe that I could do this gigantic task with ease. I am persistent in my constant claims and with the passage of time, like any human being, I have finally given up and now find myself on this cloudy and rainy day Friday, September 6, 2012, sitting at my desk in my modest residence with a laptop in front myself, ready to draft My Detail for writing my article.…

Videoshow APK | VideoShow Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo EditorVideoshow APK | VideoShow Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor

The Videoshow is an app that is called to be a popular video editor and even a movie maker. The Videoshow app shows excellent features of the best capture. Not only movie making but also there are many more facilities are available with this Videoshow. There are many uses that could be obtained through the Videoshow. Along with this Videoshow app except for the movie-making, and meme-making, creating video and creating a slideshow of photos, music, and images.

If you want to add stickers to your arrangement and want to add sound effects, that is allowed by this Videoshow apk. If you are a young filmmaker with the desire to make these videos, insert more texts, gifs, and multiple effects. Here you are allowed to create personalized vlogs by your own Creation. You could use this app to show your videos to others with new ways ann this amazing app to record all your precious moments like the birthday, wedding, and anniversaries. 

Those are the basic details of the app called the Videoshow. Then after we would see the other basic requirements or the needed ones to work with the Videoshow. If you want to really work with this app simply just visit the Google Play Store and download the app that you wanted. That the latest version of the app that you should download is 9.0.0. Even though to work with the app the users have to be with a device along with the android version of 4.1 and upwards. If you are expecting to start the usage then you have to check if all requirements are fulfilled. 

Features of the Video show 

  • Super easy online video editor 

Actually the Videoshow has made the work with the app super easy. That makes it easy to work with this …