Bee Booster Apk

Bee Booster is an advance phone boosting app, fast as a Bee. This is one of the most advanced and best applications in 2020 to optimize your android phone.

The latest version of the Bee Booster, which is 1.3.7, has been released on the 1st of July 2020 with many functions, including ads-free and an improvement of the performances. Your phone must be in Android 4.4 or a higher version to install this Bee Booster Application. The app is offered by PlayDev Studio and has been released on the 15th of June 2020.


There are many features Bee Booster offers its users with the latest update. Many features help to speed up your phone and clean your phone. Let’s get to know about the features with the arrival of its latest update.

Phone Booster: The phone Booster function helps the phone boost fast if the phone is lagging or the performance has decreased. This removes unwanted processes and frees up the RAM. This is a effective RAM boosting tool like Clean Master app.

Junk File Cleaner: Junk File Cleaner is another important function of the Bee Booster application. This is way more important to save storage on your phone. It remains many unwanted junk files and cache files because of certain apps we use. So, as a result of that, storage of the phone fills involuntarily. Bee Booster introduces this function Junk File Cleaner to clean unnecessary files and free the storage. You can use this feature on Android TV devices to get more free storage space for streaming apps. Use Filelinked to install this tool for free.

Inbuilt Battery Saver: The user does not need to use a separate battery saver to his/ her phone since the Bee Booster introduces a battery saver with its other features. With this function, Bee Booster offers the facility to its users to analyze charging their battery and draining their battery. It also detects and stops the apps that run in the background, which consume more battery and save the battery.

CPU Cooler: One of the most happening issues of a phone is its heating. Many of the users suffer from this problem. The phone gets heated when the processing load increase. Since the Bee Booster contributes to stopping unwanted apps in your phone, it decreases the probability of heating it.

Notification Blocker: Yet another useful function of Bee Booster is this Notification Blocking Facility. It is some distraction to the users when many notifications are popping up. This facility helps the users to block unwanted notifications and customize them according to their preferences. The user can select what is needed and what is not and block unnecessary notifications.

Application Manager: This gives the users the ability to manage applications such as uninstall and force stop from one place.

Clean and Simple User Interface: Since there’s a simple user interface, any ordinary user can use this Bee Booster Application without a problem. This helps the users to do the exact task they should do in a proper and easy manner.


Bee Booster is a faster cleaning and boosting app. With the use of this application, you can do whatever without lagging. This is the best application for your phone. So give it a try and enjoy the benefits. Make sure to check out for android apps and games.