4 Airtel Postpaid Plans Trending In 2023

Airtel offers a variety of postpaid plans for those who wish to maximize their benefits and want continuous service with automatic payments rather than intermittent recharging. The plans start at Rs 399 and include unlimited voice calls, free OTT subscriptions, and internet advantages. Besides, if the recharge deadline has passed, services such as postpaid connections continue uninterrupted. Additionally, Airtel postpaid plans offer data rollover features that allow you to carry over unused data.

Let us check out the Airtel postpaid plans that are trending in 2023.

Airtel Postpaid Plans Trending In 2023

Airtel Postpaid Rs 499 plan

An alternate name for this plan is Postpaid Platinum Plan 499. This postpaid plan comes with a monthly rental and gives unlimited talking, 100 SMS per day, and 75GB of monthly internet with a rollover of up to 200 GB. Six months of Amazon Prime Video membership and a free one-year subscription to Disney Plus on Hotstar are included in the extra advantages. Users furthermore receive Handset security, which detects and gets rid of viruses and other similar risks.

Airtel Postpaid Rs 999 plan

You can also cover your parents or siblings with this plan. It has two family add-on connections so you may add your loved ones to one package. Additionally, you will get various alluring perks from this package, like 150 GB of data with rollover, three free family add-ons, daily 100 SMS, free local, long distance, and roaming calls, Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime membership, and handset security.

Airtel Postpaid Rs 1199 plan

This postpaid plan features unlimited talking, 100 SMS per day, 3 free add-on regular voice connections for family members, 150 GB of data per month (plus 30GB for each add-on), and rollover space of up to 200 GB. This package comes with a year’s worth of Disney Plus Hotstar Mobile, a six-month membership to Amazon Prime, and a basic monthly Netflix subscription.

Airtel Postpaid Rs 1499 plan

With this plan, customers can create a joint plan for up to 4 family members, each of whom will receive 30GB of internet access. The typical features of this pack are unlimited local and STD voice calling, 200GB of monthly data, and 100 SMS per day. The plan also includes a number of streaming services, including Wynk Premium, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile, Amazon Prime for six months, and Netflix Basic for one month. Purchasing this plan also provides accidental damage protection for the user’s phone.

Benefits of choosing Airtel Payments Bank for Airtel Postpaid

  • Airtel Payments Bank gives its customers control over their accounts in the same way that Airtel creates consumer-friendly plans. Users can create a personalised Airtel postpaid plan under the “My Airtel Postpaid Plans” section based on their needs.
  • Airtel postpaid bill payment is also easy with Airtel Payments Bank. The bill payment service is available to users around-the-clock so they can conduct transactions from any location in the world at any time.
  • The best part is that at Airtel, we make sure that our deals are excellent. We provide our consumers with OTT (Over-The-Top) entertainment options around the clock with services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, and Airtel TV Premium. When you sign up for an Airtel postpaid connection, you also get extra.
  • Last but not least, Airtel provides a variety of postpaid plans that are affordable and truly beneficial for the customer. Customers’ needs are met by a variety of plans that include unlimited data, talk time, and roaming in addition to 3G and 4G services.
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