Types of Bobblehead dolls in detail

  • Thanjavur dolls

If you still think that bobbleheads are only of one type, then you probably do not know about Thanjavur dolls. Traditionally, Thanjavur dolls are created by south-Indian artists. So undoubtedly, this type of bobblehead came directly from the states of India. 

In the Tamil language (the official state language of the state Tamil Nadu in India), Thanjavur is better known as “ThanjavurThalayattiBommai”, which means a doll with a shaking head. What makes them so different from other puppets is that they are 6 to 12 inches tall or up to 30 cm.

Moreover, they are made with some basic elements like clay or wood. One’s after the body is shaped properly, a layer of bright colour is applied for a typical Indian look. They are often dressed up in a traditional dress. 

  • Pre-made Bobblehead

Genuinely speaking, there are no such standards or categorizing aspects to differentiate and form a category of custom bobbleheads. Although, still there are some features used to differentiate for better understanding. 

The second types bring us to pre mad bobblehead. As the name suggests, you do not have to approach the artist. After all, there are many online as well as offline stores that stock up with tons of bobblehead. 

Pre-designed dolls are dedicated to some famous personalities of all time. One can also get a bobblehead of those who are trending and in the limelight. 

  • Materials concerning types

If you want to learn about the bobbleheads in-depth, simply categorize them according to the elements which were used to build them. Likewise, dollmakers are using tons of materials to get a unique look. 

Some artists are focusing on testing other materials as an alternative to clay and many more. Apart, Bobblehead toys depending upon their material, can be of clay, wood, or polyresin.

  • Animal Bobble dolls

When it comes to dolls, most of us think about a small toy-like human figure. But since ages, animals like dogs and cats also intercepted the dollmakers imagination. Thus, they also started including animals as important as a human.

Dog bobbleheads are extensively used to decorate the interior of cars for a better look.

  • Customized bobbleheads

Unlike the pre-made dolls, custom bobbleheads are more likely to trend soon. But what does a customized bobblehead means? 

In short, custom bobbleheads are based on the client’s demand to add a unique feature to his/her doll. To create such dolls, you must select the material, body size and upload your full-body image to any web portal which offers this customization.

All thanks to the internet because of which ordering a custom bobblehead with the comfort of home is possible.

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