Tips to Prevent Flood

Flooding is a common problem when the rainy season comes. The causes  vary, either because the drainage channels are clogged, or less optimal water absorption due to lack of trees.  follow these to prevent flooding below:

1. Stop littering

Littering is still a habit of some people. Without them knowing, these bad habits can cause flooding due to obstructed water flow. Therefore, please throw garbage in the bin. Use a garbage disposal service to collect garbage that has accumulated. If you live in the Northern Beaches and are looking for a skip bin hire Northern Beaches, you can use the services of Wasted Opportunity. For more information, you can visit the website at

2. Creating a Drain

Making a water channel can prevent flooding. Determine in advance where the water will be discharged, do not let the water channel that is made connected to a dead river. It would be best if you connected it to a river that has a smooth flow of water and is connected directly to the sea. An imperfect drainage system will make flooding even worse.

3. Planting Trees Around the House

The third way you can do to prevent flooding is to plant trees around the house. Plant a tree that can grow large.  large trees have strong roots that can absorb water quickly

4. Creating Green Open Space

Green Open Space is a special area for planting trees in urban areas that are far from the forest. This place aims to make the absorption of water work optimally. You can propose the development of Green Open Space in your area. Green open space has a big impact in the future.

5. Establish Flood Prevention Construction

In addition to Green Open Space, establishing flood prevention construction is also the right solution to prevent flooding. Build construction that can hold a lot of cubic water. don’t forget to make sure that the water will flow into the sea so that it is not stuck in residential areas. Dams and reservoirs are the right construction for flood prevention media.