Relationship Between Shape-wear and Body Positivity

Spanx, one of the best modern shapewear, marks its 20th anniversary this year. It was created in an era with an idea of the ideal woman. When it was created, other fashion statements in the niche were peek-a-boo thongs, low-rise jeans and bodycon dresses sold by Elle Courbee.

During that time, everything had to be smoother, tighter, toned and taut. It was overtly sexual. If you don’t meet such ideals, shapewear was the best solution to for you. More than a decade later, the world has changed completely. However, some of these problems still present themselves.

There has been a significant improvement in the body positivity movement. Now, we are supposed to love our bodies better but a lot of people, even the confident ones, have a lot of problems with what they see in the mirror. Since its creation, shapewear has always been marketed as the best fix for people frustrated with their looks.

For instance, if something doesn’t look right or doesn’t look smooth, shapewear is the solution. It is a strategy that has paid off well for the shapewear companies. Before you can answer the relationship between shapewear and body positivity, you need to know what it constitutes.

Shapewear is anything that alters your shape. Most people consider bras and shoulder pads as shapewear because they lead to lifted boobs and broader shoulders. They offer the same benefits as spandex bodysuits worn under thin fabrics.

Remember, physical comfort is tough without mental and emotional comfort. However, that’s not easy when it comes to shapewear. It’s tough to be body positive and use shapewear according to many people. If you are body positive, you need to accept your body as it is without requiring shapewear.

You might feel free if your slinky dress is not clinging to your tummy. However, have your ever spent a whole day outside without wearing a bra? Well, if you have, you should remember that amazing feeling. It simply comes down to the moment, the garment and the woman wearing it.

You will not feel less beautiful without wearing shapewear. However, you will feel more comfortable wearing a strapless dress on a big occasion with a strapless bra. It’s a preference for most people to wear shapewear and not mandatory.

Basically, anyone can wear and do what they want without any backlash or shame. However, in practice, things are completely different. It’s quite tough for consumers to buy shapewear and wear it without bringing out unrealistic expectations about beauty.

No matter the shape of your body, it is not wrong. However, it’s tough for most people to believe this especially in the current world where you are constantly reminded on what to change or fix.

Yes, wearing shapewear will make you feel confident and free. However, you can also go without it and achieve the same levels of confidence. Therefore, they go hand in hand but it’s not mandatory to wear it.