How to deal with medical expenses after an accident?

Accidents not only leave one physically incapacitated, but it also adds to the financial burden. After getting into an accident, the victim is often concerned about long and intimidating medical bills. Many people receive weekly payments. In such a case, taking time off to look after the injuries can significantly impact one financially and emotionally. This can further limit one’s ability to tend to their medical expenses. Such accident victims either delay their treatment or refuse to visit the emergency room. Relying on the insurance settlement seems to be the next best option. Auto accident attorneys Virginia Beach suggest personal injury victims look for other alternatives as insurance settlements are not always in favor of the victims.

So, what are other options available to car accident victims to recover the cost of medical expenses and treatment bills? What should auto accident victims do to ensure a fair settlement for their injuries and financial losses?

  • Get Medical Treatment

First thing, first! Every person involved in a car crash must get a proper checkup from a certified doctor. It has often been seen that people underestimate their injuries simply because there are no apparent signs of injuries. Even if you can walk after the crash or not feel pain, you must undergo a thorough medical examination. Internal severe injuries like brain trauma, rupture of internal organs are hard to spot from the surface. Moreover, deep cuts, broken bones, or bruises are not the only injuries one may sustain in a car accident.

When it comes to medical checkups, one is often concerned about the cost and expenses. However, one must value their health and well-being rather than a bank balance. Delaying medical attention will only add to your troubles. You might end up needing costly surgeries or therapies that could have been avoided through an initial checkup.

  • Send the medical bills to your insurance company.

Once you have undergone the medical checkup, make sure you send the hospital bills to your insurance company. Make sure you send the bills to your health insurance company rather than your auto insurance company. It might help you get better coverage or a discount on your medical expenses.

Most of the time, the emergency room billing staff ask the victims to sign an Assignment of Benefit that permits the hospital to charge medical expenses on the auto insurance company. Signing the AOB may seem a lucrative option, but it has its own downfalls. It’s best to provide health insurance information to all the medical care providers. Moreover, no hospital can deny medical treatment if you don’t sign the AOB.

Going to an auto accident lawyer is the best way to ensure you get a fair settlement and medical expenses coverage. One may get overwhelmed with all the medical costs, and adding attorney’s fees may not sound convenient. Fortunately, many law firms have a no-fee guarantee policy. According to this policy, lawyers don’t charge any fees unless they win the case. The process of filing a lawsuit for accident injuries is complicated. Missing out on any detail can weaken your claim and render your case invalid. However, an experienced lawyer can ensure all the process, including collecting evidence and calculating settlement amount, is well taken care of.