Cartoon HD APK Download | Watch Latest Movies, TV Shows for Free

Cartoon HD is one of the best 21st century streaming applications which allows you to stream unlimited movies, TV series and web series with just one click. The application is popular among many due to its compatibility with iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, PS4, Smart TV’s and more. The installation is totally free of cost and hence, you do not need to pay anything for the use of the app. Cartoon HD consists of a vast collection of movies and latest TV series which allows you to choose from.

Cartoon HD Features

  1. Offline Mode: Allows you to download any media file to the device and run them in offline mode.
  2. Free usage: Free Download and free to use
  3. Small App Size: Only requires 5MB space from your device to run the app
  4. Quality videos: Cartoon HD provides you with high quality HD videos for free
  5. Amazing Experience: Stream the app online and search for your favorite movie/ TV series anytime.
  6. User Interface: Cartoon HD consists of an easy to use, neat user interface.

How to Install

For Android

Even though cartoon HD is available for android devices, you cannot find this app on play store. Hence follow this method to download your app.

  1. Download Cartoon HD APK file from the official website.
  2. Enable unknown sources option from your device settings and security
  3. Open the APK file you have downloaded
  4. Provide permission for download
  5. Agree to terms and conditions and install the app

For PC

  1. Even though this app is not officially available for PC, it still can be downloaded using an emulator
  2. Click here to download Bluestacks emulator to your PC
  3. Run and Launch the file on PC
  4. Click here to download the APK file of cartoon HD
  5. Locate the file in your device and click install
  6. Give few minutes to install the app to your device

How to use cartoon HD

Using cartoon HD has been very convenient due to its user-friendly interface. This feature allows even an inexperienced user to navigate around very easily and get the most out of the website.

Create an account

It is not mandatory to make an account only to browse the content. However, if you want to access any content, you need to create an account first. Simply click on join option on the app to create an account for free.

Search using keyword/genre

For PC users click on the movie or TV shows option on top right corner to reveal the collection. From there the user can filter by genre and keyword.

Mobile/tablet users need to click on the three lines on the top left-hand corner.

Sorting of movies, tv shows can be done by popularity, IMDB rating of all time most watched which allows the user to find the latest tv show/movie.

Add to watch list

In case you want to watch the movie/tv show some other time, use the add to watchlist option. This will enable a shortcut on the homepage of the website to access movies, tv series.

PC users can hover the mouse on the respective movie icon, flip it and click on add to watch list option.

Play movies/TV shows

TV Series

Tap on the icon of the TV show which brings the listing page. Click on the title of the episode to watch. Finally, tap on the play button to start watching the show.


Firstly, locate the movie which you want to watch and tap on it to display the listing page which contains reviews, trailer and IMDB rating. Simply click on the play button on top of the page to watch the movie.


1. Is the app free to use?

  • Yes, the app is completely free of charge to use.

2. Are there any bugs identified?

  • No, the app contains no bugs and it’s highly reliable to use.

3. Can the app be downloaded to PC?

  • App is not officially available on PC. However, an android emulator can be used to download the app.

4. Can we use the app offline?

  • No. However, even at a low broadband speed you can use the app. Minimum requirement is 100Kb/s to operate the app
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