9 Functions and Benefits of Smartwatch, Support Health

Smart watches are not only useful as a companion for smartphones. The smartwatch function goes beyond that, from supporting health to entertainment!

Who doesn’t know smartwatch? This gadget has functions similar to conventional watches, but has many other functions and benefits.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand the capabilities of a smartwatch and consider purchasing a wearable device to be a waste of money or to be stylish. In fact, using a smartwatch can have a positive impact on someone’s life.

Therefore, it’s good if you listen to the 10 functions and benefits of using the following smartwatch!

Functions / Benefits of Smartwatch

1. Notifications

Apart from showing the time, the smartwatch has the ability to synchronize data from the smartphone. So you can see notifications from social media, chat and all applications without the hassle of removing your smartphone.

2. Travel Friendly

If you are passionate about adventure and traveling abroad, a smartwatch can be your constant companion. Apart from being able to show practical boarding passes, most smartwatches have a waterproof feature that you can use up to a depth of 50 meters.

A smartwatch is also suitable for those of you who have a hobby of climbing mountains because you can easily navigate the road with a GPS, altimeter, barometer and compass.

3. Fitness Tracker

For those of you who are fitness junkies, you can reach your fitness goals faster with the help of a smartwatch. A smart watch will usually be connected to a workout application that will recommend the type of exercise according to the results you want.

In addition, this wearabe device can count and record the number of steps and kilometers that you have taken.

4. Practical Navigation

Now, most smartwatches have a GPS haptic feedback feature which functions to send different vibrations to indicate navigation.

For example, to turn right, the smartwatch will vibrate 2 times. You don’t have to bother looking at the smartphone back and forth, just feel the vibration of the smartwatch.

5. Adjust Sleep Pattern

Not having enough sleep will certainly affect your performance. For that, you can use the sleep monitor feature on the smartwatch to monitor sleep patterns, study your sleep quality and habits.

Later, the smartwatch will provide solutions for better sleep patterns according to your body’s needs.

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6. Maintain Nutritional Intake

Monitor the nutritional intake that you consume with the application on the smartwatch. This application will suggest the number of calories needed by your body. Apart from calories, other nutrients such as protein, fiber and sugar will be monitored.

If, the amount consumed is less or exceeds the limit, the smartwatch will give a warning.

7. Monitoring Body Health

The smartwatch will periodically record and monitor blood pressure and heart rate, so that when changes in pressure and rate occur, the smartwatch is able to remind users to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

In addition to body health, smartwatches are able to measure the level of stress you experience and recommend the right solution.

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8. Emergency Calls

When you can’t reach your smartphone in an emergency, you can easily call someone by pressing a certain button on the smartwatch.

Some smartwatches also have their own SIM cards, so when your phone runs out of power, you can still make calls.

9. Reminders

For those of you who have a busy activity, you can note important things and set reminders on the smartwatch. That way, you can easily organize your daily activities. All of the above functions are already in the Koretrak smartwatch, the Koretrak is an all-in-one fitness tracker smartwarch which actively monitors health metrics, tracks fitness, and allows users to remotely access their phone to stay connected has several additional features that allow users to improve their overall well-being

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