6 Types of Online Business Ads To Make Your Business More Profitable

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1.Google Ads

Those of you who have been in the online business for a long time are certainly no stranger to this type of advertisement. Google Ads, which is a rebranding of Google Adwords, has become an example of online advertising of the type of self-service advertising. Not just rebranding, Google is also making a number of changes to make it easier to create quality ads.

By taking advantage of the ad from here, you can customize the ad content, placement, appearance, and text. Ads that are made can be in the form of images, text or videos. The ads that have been created can later be evaluated from the reports provided by Google Ads so that you can determine which ads are truly effective.

2.Video Ads

This type of video ad is very popular, especially for the target market for the younger generation. It is also the most effective way of advertising to promote or create advertisements. You can create a story that can provoke the audience’s emotions by creating compelling visuals and stories. Even though YouTube is currently the most popular video platform, there are actually other media that you can use to promote your content.

3. Email marketing

Email is not only useful as a personal communication tool, it can also be used as a marketing tool. Email marketing is the sending of commercial messages such as newsletters and promotions which are carried out via email. Not only is it a type of online shop advertising that only costs a little, Email marketing also has a high level of effectiveness.

4. Instagram Online Advertising

Instagram has now developed their service so that it is increasingly supportive of business development by offering a version of the Instagram Business Profile account. Here you can use this version by connecting your Instagram account with your Facebook account to create a business page.

In addition to the Instagram Business Profile version, Instagram has also increased in popularity since the presence of the Instagram Stories feature. Here you can display product advertisements in the form of photos and videos.

Initially online advertising on Instagram Stories will make people more aware of a brand. This will later influence them to start considering it, and then be motivated to use or buy.

5.Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offers a variety of ad formats ranging from video ads, photo ads and carousel ads. When compared to similar paid socials, Facebook Ads offers more unique ad formats in the form of slideshow ads, collection ads, messenger ads and lead ads.

In addition, Facebook Ads provides advanced features and continues to develop existing features. Of course, an understanding of the features of advertising on Facebook is the main asset to produce good online advertisements that are able to achieve the expected targets.


Remarketing shows online advertisements to people who have visited your website or app. When these people leave your website, whether they make a purchase or not, they will start seeing your ads while browsing other sites or watching videos on YouTube. In this way, it will help you get new visitors so that the opportunity to sell products will also be easier.

There are many ways you can do when promoting your online business. You can also use one or several types of advertisements which of course are tailored to your company funds. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the target audience you want to target because each advertising medium has its own audience characteristics.