5 Yoga Movements to Maintain Flexibility in the Body

To make the body fit and not easily injured, the muscles of the body must be strong and flexible. One way to flex the body is to do yoga regularly.

Yoga does have many benefits that are good for the body. Routine yoga exercises not only make the body fit and supple but also improve blood circulation and reduce stress. If you want to do yoga, you can use the services of Rouse Hill Physio. To see information about other classes and special offers, you can visit www.rousehillphysio.com.au

What can yoga movements train the muscles of the body to be more flexible?

Tree Pose

Yoga can be started with this movement. The trick, standing on the mat with legs together. Lift your right leg, bend until the sole of your right foot is attached to the inside of the left thigh. Raise both hands, then clasp over the head. Hold this position for 15 seconds while breathing. This position is useful for regulating body balance and strengthening the muscles in the legs.

Standing Yoga Pose

Furthermore, still standing on the mat, do a standing yoga pose. Stand with both feet, then open your legs adequately. Lift your right leg at a 45-degree angle, then use your right hand to hold it. The left hand is straight forward. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Make turns with the other leg. This movement can help the muscles of the shoulder, abdomen, chest, and hips become more flexible.

Downward Facing Dog

lie on your stomach on the mat. Then, spread your legs parallel to the shoulders, as well as both hands. Slowly, lift the pelvis, until the body forms an arc position. Hold this movement for 15-60 seconds while adjusting breathing. This movement is very useful for exercising the muscles of the shoulders, arms, stomach, and spine.

Back Pain Pose

Start this movement by sleeping on your back on the mat, then spread your legs so that they are parallel to your shoulders. Bend both legs, then slowly lift your pelvis and back. Hold the body with both hands facing the floor next to the body. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then return to start position and repeat. This movement can train the flexibility of the pelvic, back muscles, and form a better posture.

Child’s Pose

End the yoga exercise with this position. Take a sitting position kneeling while leaning forward until the head and thighs touch the floor. Stick both hands forward and hold this position for a few seconds. This movement makes the body muscles more relaxed after doing some previous yoga poses.