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The Importance of Digital Design TodayThe Importance of Digital Design Today

Two women in digital design agency working at computerDigital design is not all about websites, as many people think but more than that. For starters, it’s integral to corporate video production, which we know every brand needs to take seriously and add to their marketing efforts. It is also used in product development. In fact, most of the products around us have been involved in some element of design development. Digital design can be used when planning the design of a product or to know how the final product looks and feels to help in the marketing of the product.

Digital design impacts most of the areas of our everyday life and we may not even be aware of the impact of digital design in some areas. Those things that involve the use of digital imaging, web design, or 3D modelling hugely depends on digital design. Digital design can be used to do the following things:

The Importance of Digital Design

Technology advances in digital design have made the digital design process more streamlined and have made digital design very important. To use the different software solutions that can create, develop and enhance innovative digital design solutions, most of the designers need multi-faceted skills.

Increased use of smartphones and tablets for internet access has put increased pressure on the optimisation of digital design services. This has enabled companies to communicate about themselves and what they offer in the most effective way.

Effective Digital Design Skills

It is very important for a designer or agency that offers digital design services to have the right expertise and skills in digital design. Digital design services have become increasingly …

About the Weather in BorneoAbout the Weather in Borneo

If you’re considering a holiday to Borneo, you might want to know the best time for Kota Kinabalu diving or when is the best season for good weather. November to February is Borneo’s wettest season. Throughout the year, temperatures tend to fall between 17 and 32°C. The area has a relative humidity of approximately 80 per cent. The high season takes place between May and September. During this time, the weather is warm and dry. However, it can be challenging to find accommodations during this time of year.

The Weather in Borneo

May to September is Borneo’s top season for tourism. With that said, you won’t want to focus too much on the weather when you’re making plans for your trip.

The weather tends to vary from one part of Borneo to the next. On a day when a region is getting significant rainfall, another part of Borneo could be completely dry. It’s difficult to predict the weather on tropical islands. It’s common for weather conditions to change in an instant, and you can have rain at any time of year.

With that said, Borneo has pleasant temperatures across the year, with averages falling between 17 and 32°C. Furthermore, for most of the year, the relative humidity is approximately 80 per cent.

Some parts of Borneo receive 4,000mm of rainfall yearly. However, in most areas, a monthly rainfall of 220mm is normal. There is more rain between November and March. With that said, rainfall can still be difficult to predict during this time. There will be weeks that see a lot of rainfall, and there will also be weeks where the weather is quite dry.

Beyond that, it can be beneficial to visit Borneo in the months that see fewer tourists. The wildlife sanctuaries, caves, National Parks and other …

Ways to Know You’ve Found the Right HouseWays to Know You’ve Found the Right House

Shopping for a home can be difficult. After all, buying a home is likely to be one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your lifetime. Therefore, you will want to do your due diligence to ensure you are making the right one. A measured building survey can help with the decision-making process. While some might make decisions based on their gut instincts, everyone is different when it comes to their decision-making process. Here are some indicators you can use to help you figure out whether or not you’ve found the right property.

The House Speaks to You

You should know within the first few seconds as to whether or not the house feels comfortable to be in. Having a house speak to you and embrace you is a major indicator you’ve found ‘the one.’ If the house feels like you’re home as soon as you enter, it’s likely the one you should choose.

The Bathroom Doesn’t Feel Awkward

A lot of the time you will find a prospective home buyer feels uncomfortable near a bathroom in a home. They will refuse to walk in and instead they will continue to stand outside of it. If you walk inside of the bathroom and you begin to find yourself admiring it, you might have found the right house.

You Envision Your Own Furniture and Living Space

If you walk into the master bedroom and you can immediately begin to see yourself laying on your bed in it, you might have found the right house. If you are already thinking about where to hang your television or where to place your Christmas tree, you are already hooked. Likewise, if you begin to think about driving home and seeing your neighbours throwing a Frisbee to their dog and inviting them over …

The Expected Impact of COVID-19 for the Milking Machine Market.The Expected Impact of COVID-19 for the Milking Machine Market.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has, without doubt, impacted the lives of everyone; young and old, small and big, rich and poor, alike. The business industry has not been left out either, and though some businesses have gained, most enterprises have experienced unprecedented hardships over the outbreak of the deadly virus. For the Milking Machine Market, in particular, some have benefited, while others have been adversely affected. This report, a result of thorough research in the milking machine market, endeavours to help all entrepreneurs covert COVID-19 effects by highlighting key strategies to adopt.

In a Fact.MR market study that was recently published, analysts reveal that various factors contribute immensely to the shape of the growth curve in the milking machine market. This forecast was specific to a period of 8 years, from 2019 to 2027. As such, the most critical factors that were analysed were strategic collaborations, market drivers, current trends, and threats. The understanding of these gives way to predict the course of the Milking machine business, hereby paving way for forecasts of the industry for the next decade, against current trends.

Based on the results of the study, the Milking Machine market is expected to have a CAGR growth of ~XX{87f2f78f9af2925e60af303f52e0fb79891f3874ec3ea766fc6cca70938f6d39}. The said percentage can be attributed to a couple of factors, one being innovation. With technology, research, and the opening of the global information space, innovations come up, year after year to better the milking process. This has diversified the Milking Machine market, with diverse techniques and machine models. In turn, it has resulted in more investors in the Milking machine space, thanks to the widespread use of these convenient machines.

Fact.MR, being a credible information source, thanks to the thorough data collection process, also addresses important concerns with regards to the Milking machines, the most notable ones being:

1. …

6 Ways to Tell If You Are Buying the Right House6 Ways to Tell If You Are Buying the Right House

Nobody will blame you for being careful about purchasing a property. Considering that it is a very big investment, you naturally want to feel comfortable with your choice. But when so many options are staring you in the face, how exactly do you decide? How will you know when you walk into the perfect home? Well, there are certain indicators and signs that help. You just need to start looking out for them.

1. You Love the Atmosphere

Pay attention to first impressions. Do you feel welcome and comfortable the moment you step inside? Do you develop a big urge to see the rest of the property? If this is the case, there is a good chance you are exploring your new home.

2. The Bathroom Does Not Make You Uncomfortable

It often happens that buyers get somewhat uncomfortable upon reaching the bathroom. And instead of stepping inside, they simply peek inside before moving on. But if you find yourself compelled to step inside and interact, it is a sign that you like you what you are seeing.

3. You Already See the Decor

Another strong sign or indicator that you have found the right house is when you can envision the decor. When the rooms inspire you towards vibrant ideas, the house probably has you hooked already. For example, do you make note of the curtains you are likely to hang in the living room? And do you mentally match the colour of the walls? The vision can go as far as seeing yourself living there. The point is these visualisations prove you connect with the home.

4. You Look beyond Minor Issues

When a house speaks to you, there are several things you might be willing to give up. As long as the property can cater to your …

Cost of Triple-GlazingCost of Triple-Glazing

Sealed triple-glazed units are far more expensive to make than their double-glazed counterparts as they have an extra argon gas-filled chamber, an extra spacer bar, an extra toughened glass pane, and additional transport costs owing to the pane’s dimensions and weight. The difference between double-glazed and triple-glazed windows lies in the fact that the latter factors an extra square meter into its construction. With double-glazed windows costing about £100/square meter and considering that an average 1220mm (or 4ft) square window has around a 1m square of glass, this means you’d have to add an extra £100 to get an average-sized triple-glazed window. Here, experts at KJM Group explain further.

Determining the Cost of a Triple Glazed Window

While we have a vast range of window options with different material choices and systems, if we just stuck to our typical uPVC window system with several options for double-glazing, the installed value, inclusive of VAT, would be about £465. As such, a triple-glazed window of similar dimensions would cost about £565 – costing about 22 per cent more.

Heat Loss and Triple Glazing

In the United Kingdom, houses typically lost about 20 per cent of indoor heat through windows. If you are planning on having your windows replaced, consider having quality insulated products fitted for better heat retention.

If you are thinking of getting triple-glazed windows, keep in mind that triple glazing costs more. Nevertheless, the benefits far outweigh the cost, especially considering how much these windows will save you when it comes to energy bills. While it may take some before the windows pay themselves back, investing in triple-glazing is something worth doing. According to one of our customers, triple glazing is the best product to get if you want to live as comfortably as possible. The final decision is …

The Impact COVID-19 Is Having on Haulage DriversThe Impact COVID-19 Is Having on Haulage Drivers

Although haulage drivers have been classified as essential workers during this period, very few people have been talking about the impact this pandemic has had on their lives. Shenna Johnson and Lynn Holdsworth, the leaders of the Age, Health and Professional Drivers’ (AHPD) network, have spoken out about this.

Prior to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, there were already many challenges in the transport and logistics sector. Many older workers were reaching the age of retirement, and not many young workers were choosing to enter this industry or take HGV training courses. Because of this, there were many staffing challenges.

The AHPD network has also been placing more focus on how important it is to consider the health of the driving workforce, especially as they age. Because of the type of work that they do, they are exposed to many health risks.

When you take all this into consideration, it’s easy to see why the current pandemic has placed such a strain on the industry. Considering this, we spoke to members of the AHPD and asked them to share their experiences with us.

The Impact on the Industry

There are a number of ways in which haulage companies have been impacted by the pandemic. There’s been an increased demand for food distribution, and there has also been a surge in online orders. With that said, there are also employees that have lost most of their work. As an example, workers that once brought shipments to restaurants, pubs, and shops now have very little to do.

There are companies that have continued to pay wages to individuals that no longer have to work. Some businesses have also utilised the furlough scheme offered by the government. However, there are also companies that haven’t provided more than sick pay. Because …

Relationship Between Shape-wear and Body PositivityRelationship Between Shape-wear and Body Positivity

Spanx, one of the best modern shapewear, marks its 20th anniversary this year. It was created in an era with an idea of the ideal woman. When it was created, other fashion statements in the niche were peek-a-boo thongs, low-rise jeans and bodycon dresses sold by Elle Courbee.

During that time, everything had to be smoother, tighter, toned and taut. It was overtly sexual. If you don’t meet such ideals, shapewear was the best solution to for you. More than a decade later, the world has changed completely. However, some of these problems still present themselves.

There has been a significant improvement in the body positivity movement. Now, we are supposed to love our bodies better but a lot of people, even the confident ones, have a lot of problems with what they see in the mirror. Since its creation, shapewear has always been marketed as the best fix for people frustrated with their looks.

For instance, if something doesn’t look right or doesn’t look smooth, shapewear is the solution. It is a strategy that has paid off well for the shapewear companies. Before you can answer the relationship between shapewear and body positivity, you need to know what it constitutes.

Shapewear is anything that alters your shape. Most people consider bras and shoulder pads as shapewear because they lead to lifted boobs and broader shoulders. They offer the same benefits as spandex bodysuits worn under thin fabrics.

Remember, physical comfort is tough without mental and emotional comfort. However, that’s not easy when it comes to shapewear. It’s tough to be body positive and use shapewear according to many people. If you are body positive, you need to accept your body as it is without requiring shapewear.

You might feel free if your slinky dress is not clinging …

COVID-19 Has Affected Haulage DriversCOVID-19 Has Affected Haulage Drivers

Lorries on motorwayWhile many industries and professionals have been quarantined during the recent pandemic, haulage drivers, who hold a category C licence, perform a vital function upon which human life and civilisation depends. But according to Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, Sheena Johnson, and Network Research Lead and Co-ordinator for AHPD, Lynn Holdsworth, there is not enough attention for how this situation has impacted their lives.

The transport and haulage industry had been facing a struggle to maintain its staff members before the COVID-19 crisis even began. This was mostly due to a large number of older drivers reaching retirement age while too few new drivers are entering the industry.

The APHD Network has also been working hard to bring awareness of the need to protect the health and wellbeing of senior drivers. Due to the nature of their work, ageing haulage drivers are exposed to considerable health risks.

With this in mind, we can see how the precarious conditions of haulage drivers and the advent of COVID-19 have combined to create a perfect storm within the industry. To further understand this situation, we have consulted AHDP members concerning their recent experiences as the haulage company buckles under the strain.

Industry Impact

The current crisis has impacted the haulage industry in a number of ways. Those drivers involved in food distribution and delivery services have been busier than ever, as have those who handle online orders. On the other hand, those who deliver their goods to restaurants, shops and pubs have seen a considerable decline in work.

Some well-resourced companies have been able to provide their employees with full pay or are connected to a government furlough plan. But, the reality for many drivers watching their work flow dry up has been a considerable loss of wages, often no more …

The Increased Importance of Digital Design TodayThe Increased Importance of Digital Design Today

Digital design is something that has permeated just about every aspect of our everyday lives. This is true even in situations where you might not be aware of it. A lot of people incorrectly assume that digital design only refers to websites. The truth is, it is much more than that. Just about every product that can be found around us has involved aspects of digital design development at some point in time. This could include at the initial conception stage, how the product looks and feels, or even how the product is marketed.

Where You Can Find Digital Design

This type of design is very prevalent throughout many aspects of our lives. Not only has it previously been used throughout the development process for animations for games and movies, but it has been there for the creation of logos, websites, and even architecture or crafting a new vehicle. Just about anything that uses web design, digital imaging or even 3D modelling effectively relies on digital design at its core.

Why Has It Become So Important?

The fact is, digital design has become much more streamlined over the years due to technological advances. Digital design has only grown in importance as more people take the various incremental and monumental improvements in technology and new innovations for granted. A lot of designers are not required to utilise all kinds of skills to effectively make use of the different software options on the marketplace that can help them develop, create, and enhance digital designs. The increasing use of the internet and mobile devices has also created immense pressure to optimise digital design services in order to be certain that companies are communicating and branding themselves appropriately for the marketplace.

Effective Design Skills

Any professional designer or someone who is promoting their …