10 online culinary businesses you can do, guaranteed to sell!


Through the internet, you will be able to do business much more effectively and efficiently. Especially if you are still registered as an employee, an online business can also be a profitable business that you do between main jobs.

From ancient times until the all-internet era, the culinary business has never lost its purchasing power. Understanding very well that food and drink are the main needs of humans, it’s no wonder that in the end culinary is the most preferred business field for novice entrepreneurs. So, if you are in the middle of starting an online culinary business, you can consider some of the following product ideas. but before you start your business you have determined your market, please visit the official website here lcs2

1. Frozen Food

One of the challenges when running a culinary business online is about durability. Moreover, if you have to deliver between cities and between provinces, the travel time of days often prevents food products from being shipped. But through frozen food, everything can be resolved. As the name suggests, frozen food is a variety of processed foods that have been packaged in frozen form so they are relatively durable for days as long as they are stored in the right place.

Usually frozen food can be in the form of chicken, beef or fish meat that has been processed into frozen food, easy to eat in the form of nuggets, tempura, meatballs and others. However, some frozen food is also packaged frozen in its raw form so you just need to cook it. Because it is frozen, frozen food usually does not spoil easily when sent long distances and stored for days.

2. Fruit Salad

Fruit is everyone’s favorite. No wonder it is not difficult to find a fruit trader. Can you sell fruit online in a more innovative product? The answer can be through fruit salad. Yep, you can sell various types of fruit that have been cut into small pieces and then given mayonnaise sauce, condensed milk and grated cheese. Pack it in a plastic bowl so that it is more expensive to sell.

Fruit salad is indeed an option for processing a more classy fruit. Make sure to choose fresh fruit of the highest quality so that your fruit salad is selling well in the market. Especially during Ramadan or summer, fruit salad sellers will sell well. Market products online and provide messaging services to make it easier for consumers.

3. Various Bread and Cake

Everyone loves bread and cake. Here is a great opportunity for an online culinary business for bread and cake products. Even more fun, the bread variants are very wide. You can sell traditional wet cakes such as onde-onde, sponge or lapis. The choice of bread / cake is also very diverse, such as brownies, black forest, strudel to character birthday cakes that you can offer via the internet.

4. Cookies and Pastries

If you feel that the bread and cake cannot last too long, you can choose cookies and various pastries. The types are also amazingly diverse ranging from nastar, kastengel, snow princess, egg roll and various cookies. The advantage of these cookies is that they clearly have a longer shelf life than bread or cake. And usually in the moments leading up to Eid al-Fitr, cookie sellers can reap huge profits. In order to compete in the online realm, you must package cookies attractively.

5. Home Cooking Catering

The lifestyle of the community that is getting denser makes a person accustomed to eating in stalls / restaurants. This fact is what you should be able to use to create an online culinary business that sells a variety of home cooking. Do not be underestimated, there are very high demand for pecel rice, mixed rice, various vegetables, fried rice, uduk rice, yellow rice. So if you offer online, the opportunity to sell is quite large.

You can offer this home-cooked catering service to household consumers, students to offices. Although home cooking is quite simple how to make it, if it is packaged in quality, it is certain that the benefits obtained are not simple.

6. Catering Bento

still the same as the previous business product, the difference between home catering and bento catering is in the packaging. As the name suggests, bento catering packs a variety of foods in the form of Japanese-style bento. This bento catering usually targets younger children because of its cute appearance. The more creative you are in packaging and displaying the photos on social media, your bento catering will be selling well.

7. Snacks and Snacks

Not very talented with heavy meals? Then you can sell online culinary for snack products / snacks. The variants are very numerous and vary with time. For example, some contemporary snacks such as basreng (fried meatballs), seblak, cilok, cimol to martabak and banana nuggets. The fringe snacks that are sold online and packaged are attractive, and can even increase your selling power many times over.

8. Drinks Today

Can only food products be sold online? Certainly not. You can peddle beverage products. But not ordinary beverage products, because so that consumers are more interested you can sell contemporary drinks that are viral. Names such as milo ice cream, iced coffee milk, mango thai are a line of viral contemporary drinks that have an extraordinary turnover.

In addition to contemporary drinks, you can also sell various fruit juices, mixed ice or ice teler online. Provide more innovative packaging so that millennial consumers who like to play the internet can be interested in buying.

9. Healthy Food / Snacks

Many people are starting to get a healthy lifestyle, especially in urban areas. Here comes a great opportunity to sell a healthy online culinary business. For example, you provide mayo diet services, special vegetarian food / snacks to other organic culinary delights. Even though the selling price is higher, this healthy culinary has a special market share that is willing to spend more, as long as it is healthy.