Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Reported To Be Broken and Malfunction After Two Days

Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Reported To Be Broken and Malfunction After Two Days – So, this sounds a problem for Samsung to its newest foldable smartphone which is expected to be on sale starting from April 26. A major drama started from several gadget reviewers reporting their smartphone’s screen broke. Some of the reviewers reported the software issue caused malfunctioning too.

Responding to the reviewers, Samsung said they will start an investigation. Well, this is really a bold thing for releasing a product that hasn’t been ready for the customer. However, their plans to its first launch in the U.S this April 26 will not be changed.

The smartphone feature sounds very outstanding with a 7.3-inch screen and foldable. The price is of course for the high-end device that the company put $2,000 of the price tag.

Reviewers tell the phone is shockingly very natural when they opened the device. The satisfying click after it is closed makes it so addictive. Interestingly, when you close the device, the applications will not keep running until you adjust them that way. As you use the front part, you can see Google Maps or email. Then as you open the big screen, these apps will pop up on the big screen. Unluckily, actually, Samsung can do a lot with a further feature that allows other apps to get the same thing with a simple toggle.

As we are using a phone, certain things need other help like a laptop to open a larger document. But when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, you will no longer need to do this even you can run three apps all at once. Right on the same screen just like you can do on the laptop. With the bigger screen, the opening of a PDF file is so much easier.

That’s bad for hearing the problem before the first sale. Last 2016, Samsung faced the worst nightmare with the fire on Samsung Galaxy Note7. A huge lost was faced as a consequence as they should recall almost 4.3 million units from around the world. It is reported the company lost $3.1 billion profit. However, the company still could manage its revenue in Q3 2016.

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After all, the company might not produce Galaxy Fold as much as the Galaxy Note 7 series as this is a very high-end smartphone. Of course, it would be much riskier when they find another report from reviewers telling they get more problems with the product at the end of the month.

It is surprising to see the model is less durable than Huawei’s out-folding approach. Some technology journalist even reported the same case after two days of usage.

Samsung on Thursday explains not to remove the protective layer because this will result in damage. Most reviewers say their newest product is very troubling. So, will Samsung fix the issue and delay the massive sale?