Motorola and Nokia To Receive New Google’s Feature, Call Screen, That Will Identify Annoying Spam Calls

Motorola and Nokia To Receive New Google’s Feature: “Call Screen” That Will Identify Annoying Spam Calls – If you are looking for a way to avoid spam calls on your device, Google is bringing the good news for you with their new feature called “Call Screen” to identify the annoying spam calls. Of course, this feature will deal with the Google Assistant.

The good news is that this feature will come to Google phone in Motorola and Nokia devices. Of course, the Google Pixels have received the update too last year! The Nokia and Motorola users recently found the Google Phone app in a beta version which indicates the Call Screen feature. Even though this has been introduced last October 2018, the third party hasn’t got any update yet except these phones we mentioned. So, it is good news to try the beta version right?

The finding of the beta app first appeared from a Reddit user “hkyq”. He wrote in the platform that the app was found accidentally while he was browsing the code. This finding included the two flags suggesting the app will expand its feature to the Call Screen in another smartphone including Motorola and Nokia. However, there are no more details found in the post.

So far, we haven’t found any smartphone series from Motorola and Nokia that will receive the Google’s Call Screen feature. It is expected to be the device that is already running the Android One. There are so many smartphones that are already running this operating system. So it is a little bit difficult to guess.

So, how does the new feature work?

Once the update is received and the Call Screen feature is enabled, the user will be able to see this menu option whenever a call coming to their device. When the user turns on the feature, the Google Assistant will talk to the caller then present the transcription to the user. The user then can decide whether he wants to receive the call, disconnect or leave it to the assistant.

Last October 2018, Google rolled out this feature to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. The other Pixels will receive the updates in December 2018.

Hearing this news is awesome that we can taste the same feature like Google Pixels user. So, let’s wait for another device to get the same update including the Samsung with Android operating system inside. However, it might take a super long time to get the same feature. Let’s wait for the news some months later.